The 5 Best Foods for Long Term Storage

For the persistent commitments, you need the best foods for long-term storage. Instead of throwing food away, you can store it for a long time which in turn save your money as well. The food items can stay 20 years or more if they are properly packed and stored in a dry and cold environment. You can use these items after a specific period.

The 5 Best Foods for Long-Term Storage

We are discussing the five best foods for long-term storage. You can store these foods to use them later.

1. Potatoes
If you want to save potatoes, put them in the dark at about 40 ºF, they will be long-lasting for about five months. The underground room is the best option to store potatoes. Make sure to reserve the potatoes far from other foods like onions and apples. Because the onions and apples will give off a gas that will help to ripe and rot the potatoes.

2. Rice
There are different kinds of rice like white rice, jasmine rice, basmati rice, etc. You can store all these types of rice for more than two years. But the brown rice is different from the others. If you store them in a refrigerator or a freezer, it will last longer. Once a box or a bag containing rice is opened, then the only way to store them in a container that is airtight.

3. Apples
Apples are considered one of the best foods for long-term storage. You can keep the apples by putting them in a plastic bag and placing the whole bag in your fridge drawer. Don't put any other thing in that drawer in which apples are present. You can eat these apples after more than one month before they begin to rot. Enjoy first the large apples as they spoil first as compared to the small apples.

4. Carrots
For the storage of carrots, you have a plastic bag which contains a paper towel on the inner side. They will last longer for about many weeks without rotting. The aim of using the paper towel is to soak up the moisture that the carrots produce, and assist them in staying fresh for a long time.

5. Nuts
When you are going to purchase nuts, you can buy both with or without shells. Along with the shells, you will store them for a year or longer. But without the covers, they will store for approximately three months.

Other than these, there are many other best foods for long-term storage. But there are some tricks that you keep in mind while storing food for the long term. You should make a list of foods that you love to enjoy having a potential of long-term storage. You can initiate a small store of grocery at your home. Never buy foodstuff as they are on sale. The quality of food storage is more necessary than the quantity of food. Good quality food ensures good health.